Gratis virtuele workshop: KUBERNETES

Datum: Donderdag 4 juni 2020
Tijd: 16:00u – 20:00u
Docent: Rob den Braber

Docker Containers Fundamentals Kubernetes Fundamentals Infrastructure Concepts & components Nodes, Pods & Containers Namespaces Deployments Labels & Selectors Services Kubectl Kubernetes Manifests ConfigMaps & Secrets Blue Green Deployments Infrastructure as code
Readiness & Liveness Probes

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Upon completion participants will:
Build a mental model of Kubernetes, its architecture and components Know how Kubernetes manages a desired state Understand the Kubernetesʼ configuration file format Understand ways to manage sensitive information in Kubernetes.


Upon completion participants will be able to:
Deploy a simple application to a Kubernetes cluster Group resources in a cluster using Labels and Selectors Expose an application to the outside world using Services Manage Kubernetes manifest files Use ConfigMaps and Secrets to managing sensitive information Configure Health Checks Troubleshoot a Kubernetes deployment


Basic Linux knowlegde A foundational knowledge of Docker and Containers No prior Kubernetes knowledge